Most components of the server are customizable using StructureMap as a DI (Dependency Injection) framework to provide a plug-in architecture.

Application Layers

Each layer of the server is packaged on its own NuGet package such that it cab be easily integrated into your application.

Layer Description Project Name
WebAPI RESTFUL Services NuGet Pre Release The web-service implementation as an ASP.NET WebAPI DICOMcloud.Wado.WebAPI
DICOMweb Core Services NuGet Pre Release The DICOMweb implementation for processing web requests and returning web responses. DICOMcloud.Wado
DICOM Services NuGet Pre Release The core DICOM code and business services that process the DICOM datasets, perform query, retrieve and store. With interfaces to classes for storage and data access. DICOMcloud
Data Storage and Data Access NuGet Pre Release & NuGet Pre Release The specific implementation layer that physically save the DICOM dataset media to a file system or Azure Blob and interface with Microsoft/Azure SQL database. DICOMcloud

DICOMcloud Architecture

Platform and Hosting Options

  • The server can run as a Web Application in Microsoft IIS, or

  • Microsoft Azure WebApp with no infrastructure to setup.

It can be configured to use

  • Azure Blob Storage and Azure SQL database for storing and querying DICOM Datasets, or

  • A Windows File System with on-prem SQL Database.

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